Wiregrass Blues Society

 2016 Wiregrass Blues Fest

        April 29 & 30th 2016

    Wiregrass Museum of Art

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 2016 Wiregrass Blues Fest

        April 29 & 30th 2016

    Wiregrass Museum of Art

Since 2011, the Wiregrass Blues Fest has highlighted the unique blues heritage of the Wiregrass, as well as from Alabama, and has honored late blues musicians through performance and education. In 2015, we started a tradition of not only honoring late blues legends but also living musicians as well.

Therefore, we will honoring the late blues Artist, Perry Carlton "Buddy" Buie (January 23, 1941 – July 18, 2015) He was an American songwriter, producer, and publisher. He is most commonly associated with Roy Orbison, The Classics IV and The Atlanta Rhythm Section.

Buddy was born in 1941 in Marianna, Florida, United States, and was raised near Dothan, Alabama. He later moved on to New York City and eventually Atlanta, Georgia where he spent most of his career. However, nearly all the songs written by Buie and his co-writers were conceived in Eufaula, Alabama on Thomas Mill Creek where Buie had a small fishing trailer (Eufaula is only a 3-hour drive from Atlanta and a 1-hour drive from Dothan, making it a convenient location).

This year we will feature living Blues Artist, Leon Atkins - aka - LIL' JIMMY REED".  For Saturday's evenings entertainment the multi-talented artists will be; "Oddly Enough", "Soul Tree", "LIL' Jimmy Reed", "Debbie Bond the Blues Women", "Betty Fox", and our main attraction, "Brandon Santini", followed by an encore performance by all the Artists together.

The two-day event will feature a “Meet and Greet” reception on the night of Friday, April 29th. This event is free at charge and open to the public. It will be held at the Wiregrass Museum of Art (5:30pm-7:00 PM) where attendees can meet LIL Jimmy Reed and some of the other blues musicians. 

The main concert is set for Saturday, April 30th outside the Wiregrass Museum of Art and will start at 4pm. LIL Jimmy Reed will go at 5 PM with the main attraction, "Brandon Santini" at 8:30 PM. We are very honored to partner again with Blue Moon Café’s Gumbo Cook Off and a portion of all proceeds will be donated to ALS.

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